Chargrilled German Gourmet Sausages

Event Catering

Mr Bratwurst™ (t/a RADTKE Catering) operates German BBQ outlets selling Chargrilled German & Continental Gourmet Sausages grilled over wooden charcoal on various events in Victoria. As Subcontractor for Melbourne's largest Catering Companies we are part of many Sporting events in Melbourne and Geelong. Our products are very much appreciated by Soccer & Rugby Supporters; they love our Gourmet Sausages. Agriculture Shows, Community and Race Course Events are always great opportunities to promote our amazing concept & products.

Prahran Market

Prahran Market known as the "The Food Lovers Market" established a fantastic community of highly skilled traders and specialty stores over the last centuries. It was our first shop, that we opened here at the market in October 2014. With our unique way of grilling Gourmet Sausages over wooden charcoal, we added a very traditional part of German cuisine to the market's culinary diversity. We offer retail packs of all popular German & Continental Gourmet Sausages for Take Away showcased in our Display Fridge. We also offer the DELIVEROO Service.

The Glen

We opened our second shop here at The Glen Shopping Centre in Glen Waverley in October 2017. Located in the Lower Ground level, next to The Butchers Club and Aldi, we are part of the 60 Boutique Food Retailers and Grocers in The Fresh Food Market Hall. Because of location and space available we offer an extended menu in addition to the variety of Chargrilled German & Continental Sausages. Our Meal Deals combining any grilled Gourmet Sausage with Hot Chips and a Soft drink, Water or Juice are very popular with the shoppers. Check out our daily Specials.

TOK H Centre

Mr Bratwurst™ at TOK H Centre in Toorak is our third shop which we opened in October 2018. Despite being the tiniest of our shops, it has established an amazing popularity among locals, tradies, shoppers and the people working in the area. We offer our full range of German & Continental Gourmet Sausages and could contribute a unique and very special culinary choice to the Suburb of Toorak. School kids from across the road can't wait for the bell's final ring to get a German Bratwurst or a tasty Chicken Sausage for their late lunch.

All Sausages are GLUTEN & MSG FREE